Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sabbath at Bang Saen Beach, Chonburi

How often did we have potluck??

October 30, 2010
Instead of sticking to the tradition, a bunch of us Malaysians plus a Chinese decided that we should not take advantage of the good weather and let it go to waste for a day while spending our heart and time on cooking and staying indoors. We should plan for a trip and breathe and get soaked in Jesus' love through nature. So we decided to go to Bang Saen. So much for nature but that's the closest.

Heeding the directions given to us on our FB's event, no one was on rubber time except for the organizer himself! Well, he and his wife wasn't all rubber, in fact they were quite on time. When one say 'rubber time' (a saying we have back home), it simply means don't be late! :)

We headed to Bang Saen at 7:40am with a stop to get breakfast before we reached our destination. The weather was indescribable! The wind blowing, the sound of water just next to where we had our short Sabbath discussion, the happy, relaxed faces, the irresistible foot massages, the temple visit, etc...All made our Sabbath the more meaningful and beautiful. As we were heading back, I peaked at the horizontal blinds and saw nothing but good memories and relationship mended to an even meaningful ties.

God is good all the time and all the time, He is good.

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