Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Run For Good, 2010

Run for Health, 2009

Run for Good, 2010

*the aluminum man is still the same person! Yay!

I was looking if I blogged about the Run for Health Standard Chartered Bank marathon we participated on November 22 last year but I couldn't find any from this blog. Must have missed blogging about it. Anyway, this year the theme is Run for Good and it was held last Sunday, Nov 21, 2010.

As I was saying Hobbit and I had a full weekend, we really did that we hardly find the time to really 'sit down'. That aside, we woke up at 4:30am on Sunday morning and met up with our run mates (P'Jathrow, Auntie D and Uncle H) so we could hitch a taxi together and get to Sanam Luang to run. We all signed up for 5km. For fun, not that we can't do 45km or more!! LOL

Did I mention I love the colar-less shirt? I hang mine in our men's clothing section at home because I really love it. I usually don't hang my t-shirts unless if it belongs to Hobbit. Okay, so I had two ponies for fun and I liked it when my hair kept slapping my cheek throughout the marathon because it so proofed that I ran like a 5 year-old. :) Well, I didn't run all the time yet one miracle was, this time I didn't stop for a second. I brisk walk when I needed a breather. Last year, I stopped and panted all the way because of my ill condition. Thank God this time I was well enough, no 'auntie' visiting. At the finish line, we collected our medals, and left without our free McDonalds jok.
We made it!!
Authentic background
Then Hobbit and I came home for cheese sausages, eggs and milk. We rested for 2 hours before heading out again for free Belgium chocolate at Duc de Praslin. We got the deal online. Then Daron, Hobbit and I headed to CW and had the biggest meal eva -- Chicken Trio, cheese crust pizza! Yes, Daron and Hobbit pigged out and left me eating like an English Lady...haha not! When we three throttled, we decided to go home and roll like pigs. Ahh, a 'nap' from 7pm-5:30am the next day was the best reward that both of us missed loying our khratongs! :)

Ahh, it's November 24. A friend has a birthday! :)


Deanna Beryl said...

Yay, I hope you and Ropoy will continue to run for this marathon! Argh, I should've gone with you guys!

Hobbit Wife said...

Thank you Deanna. Yeah, will make this a yearly thing. You should join us next year! :)

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