Friday, November 19, 2010

Malaysian Honeycomb Cake

Last month Hobbit couldn't stand our present squarish and cheepish cake pan that he decided to buy a super pricey, non-stick one and it costs 899B. It was fine to want something good but the price wasn't that fine with me. Yet he managed to talked me out of things. "Good quality means long lasting yada yadi da..." and yeah it's true in a way but...

It always happens to me. I am the super saving one at home and so I have a lot to babble when it comes to purchasing, especially when things don't match their price. I guess I am not the only one. I know my mom too! I remembered my dad bought something that was at reasonable price to him yet super expensive to my mom. They argued and often times my dad would just ignore and my mom would try to reason out until she has no more reasons to give. There the argument stops. I see myself being like my mom sometimes. Doesn't mean that I don't like Hobbit's good intention and choice, just that thinking about it makes me want to reason out. I guess it's so normal given that I'm me.

Good quality does equal to long lasting and yes...Several things inside the package as well. Just like the 899B cake pan: Easier to clean, accurate results, non-stick and easy to handle. The weight loss diets had been slow on friends since cakes keep coming, like the recent Malaysian Honeycomb cake and some other baked stuff. I guess Hobbit did make a good choice. Expensive does equal to good quality to happiness to satisfaction yet NOT ALL THE TIME.

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