Thursday, October 14, 2010

The One In Red, Definitely!

Every time I look at this particular caricatures, I can't help but think about how we fit in the picture: Nok and I. You know how your legs get sore from walking and your arms sort of get numb from carrying all your shopping bags after a long day of mall's hopping and all you feel like doing is just sit in padded cushions, order your cup of tea and just make a big review on your purchase-of-the-day? Yeah, there were several moments when we were doing just that and thought about our future life together--flamboyant old women, rich from retirement money (if there's any left), trotting arm in arm, handful of bags, and having the same *high* tea break while chatting away when our arthritis yells for a break.

Nok, if you are reading this...That's me with the red blazer. You can qualify for the arthritis legs because you shop more! :)

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