Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Grades Are Done!

Yay I am finally done with gradings!!! Some of you might wonder why the fuss about finishing your grades? Well, imagine yourself being a high school English teacher teaching almost 200 students, reader bailed out, and you have big essays and long test papers to grade in less than a week while school continues to run and all you have is after school (for me, after tutorial is done) to work on these?

The thought of the above totally drove me crazy especially on the part where my reader, without any proper 'goodbye', left me with mountains of papers still not graded. I ran all SOLO in school darn it!! So I made a plan to divide all the papers into equal pieces so I could bring them home to grade! My idea wasn't a bad one because at home, my husband was willing to be more than a reader but a supporter as well! I couldn't thank God enough.

What happened was...I swallowed top diet pills of 2011 and literally crashed on my cushion everyday after school! Heh! No...

As soon as I reached home, I put my handbag down and pulled all the test papers out, sat in front of the telly, switched it on to keep me awake and started grading while Hobbit tutors. Once I got too comfy, I would sit there with hundreds of yoga positions and grade papers until the clock is done with its 24 hours a day. I would take my shower and go to bed.

So yes, finishing my grades is a BIG thing to me. I managed. I accomplished... I thought I couldn't. So today after Hobbit picked me up, we headed to Pizza Company for a little celebration of this 'victory' that was short lived.

Now I am so back to work.

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