Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday Shopping Spree

Two weeks before payday, Rachel and I came up with the idea to go shopping once our salary is out. So we told Dollie and others to check if they might be interested in coming. Our initial plan was to go to the big sale at Central Chidlom, Central World and to a Lebanese Restaurant. Due to circumstances that couldn't be avoided, there were only four of us ended up with the plan.

We took the taxi all the way from school to Central Chidlom and had made our Starbucks stop then vroom we went into the sale hall. Yet before getting there, I got disoriented for a moment. How long ago was my last visit to this place? Apparently they renovated some parts of the place and the Sale Hall was quite a walk from where it used to be. Anyway, it took us almost an hour just roaming around the crowded place. I didn't see anything that took my fancy so I decided to wait for T, A and R outside the hall while I took a 5 mins. restroom break. As I was in the restroom, I eavesdropped on this two skinny, Japanese girl wannabes talking about fast weight loss. I was amazed on how at that rate of skinniness, these two girls still want to loose weight. What do they want to be? Cathie Jung?

As soon as all of us were done in Central Chidlom, we quickly walked to Central World to hunt for on-sale clothes at Forever XXI, one of my favorite clothing brand. Well, nothing much and I ended up buying two blouses which was still expensive after the discount but I told myself that they're this month's treat.

Right after shopping was done, we got too hungry to walk all the way to the Lebanese Restaurant and so we decided to stop by a cool Italian place opposite the theater place. We ordered pizza and salads and went home.

When I went to meet Hobbit at Emporium, he told me that he was hungry. So we went to another Italian Restaurant and he oredered guess what?? Pizza!! I just had 2 pieces of them with the girls and now he insist that I help him finish. At the end, I went home with 6 slices of pizza in ma tummi! Nyummm...
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