Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Monday Lazy Monday!

"Ms, why today have to be Monday?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Because I hate Mondays!"
There goes them whining!
I could explain why I hate coming to school today but don't hate Mondays. It's because I came to work yesterday and did everything I could for school this week. My rackmount computer in class is finally connected to a projector and I couldn't be more happy! Yet coming to school after a day of hard work yesterday, just didn't feel right in the morning but towards my 5th period, it got better. It should be because I worked yesterday right?
My students took their second major test for this quarter and I could see some of them beginning to slack. Long weekend, what did they do? When asked, one singer from my 4th period class said that she only had a total of 3 hours sleep during the weekend because she had to do recordings and photoshoots. Wow! I didn't believe her since she looked normal in class. Yet she was holding a Thai teen's magazine and pointed her picture gesturing to me that it's her! Believe me, the media can make a person look totally flawless on mags. and I almost dropped my jaw in awe!
Yeah, I got to know several of them are doing Thai soaps as well. If they didn't tell me, I could be totally living in the dark. They don't go brag about themselves in class/school and very down to earth in person but hey, you might not know you have a Pixie Lott in class or Jay Sean or even Karabao! :)

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