Friday, October 15, 2010

Kisah Kipas

When I was in college, I have this small obsession of cleaning ceiling fans. It all started during my first Valentine's Day at Mission College. Every student my batch knows one thing that really matters to most of us during Valentine's Day in MC --Clean, presentable rooms. Yes, the annual open house for our dormitories was usually on Valentine's day. I don't know if they still keep the tradition now but I hope they still do because it's such a memorable day.

Okay, so Lollie and I were freshies and knew little why most of the Thai students overdid their rooms: sticking out a big heart in the middle of the two single beds, spreading heart candies all over their bed as if decorating a suite for a newly wedded couple, hiding all their mama utensils away, arranging every single little things as if their room was the next E.G White's show house. Everything was all suddenly perfect...for one day that was. As for us innocent new comers, we clean our room just like how we used to clean them every Fridays. Nothing out of site besides undies taken away into the drawers unfolded. Then came the biggest awaited spot checkers and did their rounds...into our room. Lollie and Amy exchanging this BIG relief of satisfaction when the judges looked quite "impressed." One of them look above the low ceiling...dust, dust, dust. Ahhh! It's not cleaned...Heh, we looked at each other..."Kipasssssssssssssssssssssss!!!"

Kipas means fan, or to be specific on what we had, ceiling fan. We totally overlooked what was on the ceiling thinking, no one checks the fan plus it will be turned on while checking went on anyway. How wrong of us to think the judges didn't know where the switch was.

Since that day, Lollie and I started cleaning our fans every Friday noon for regular dorm spot checks. I started to love the feeling and satisfaction of having dust-free ceiling fan. Since then, every time I enter a room that I have to live in, the second thing I do after the restroom is to check the kipas. By the way, the picture above was taken during our Teacher's Retreat. I love that fan!

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