Sunday, October 24, 2010

Early Dawn's Goodbye

*We had our last shopping together...

I woke up at 11am this morning after having a total of 5 hours sleep. The reason for this was that several of us friends drove to the airport at 2:30 early morning to say our goodbyes to Nok, our colleague and friend. After the goodbyes, several of us decided to stop by "smelly" Starbucks. Goodness who knows where the shoot the smell originated from. I couldn't tahan even after it subsided a bit and so Hobbit and I left for home. Before going to bed at about 5:30am, I had milk and oats while Hobbit managed to fix himself yummy maggie mee!

Oh ya, before I left for the airport, I managed to complete a simple book bag for my new book. As soon as I completed it, I asked Hobbit to straighten it up a bit by ironing. Who knows the inner lining would stick to each other? Ruined the inner part. There went my efforts. Yet, it's my fault for asking Hobbit to iron. Although still usable, the inside is no longer pretty. :( Need to put handicapped signs next to it. *sigh*

Oh ya, oh ya...Argh! I have too many oh yas!! Am I getting old? Anyway, when we were making our way to the airport, Hobbit and I witnessed two separate accidents. Straight clean highway road, no reason for accidents unless the drivers decided to make their car beat the speed of light! Pity the taxi driver. He was drenched with blood, stuck/pinned down, unable to get out. It scares me just thinking about it.

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