Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

They said engaging oneself into one good book a day is the best diet pills for women. Agree? I do in some ways and it's true with me. Whenever I find myself stuck to a book and glued on a position, I would not budge unless something is on fire and I could stand the smell of burnt no more! Speaking of books, Eat, Pray, Love the movie is going to be out next month and I am in my second round reading the book. My only fear after reading this book twice is that, the movie would disappoint me. Anyway, I guess it is expected in some ways. Yet Terra thought the movie was good! I guess I just have to give the verdict after I watch the movie then. Now I am moving forward to reading Committed, by the same author, Elizabeth Gilbert.

Not Close to One...

I wanna be an octopus, so freaking bad...

By the way, RIP Paul, the World Cup Octopus.

Somebody left a cream bottle in class today and all it was written there was teenage acne treatment. I bet it belongs to one of my students. One student found it lying on the floor and picked it up, passed it to several people for 'smelling' session and apparently when passed to this particular girl she freaked out. She said she didn't want to touch the cream bottle in fear of getting acne! Eeek..
Don't know why my body lack energy today. Guess I haven't really recovered from the many nights grading papers and preparing for Quarter 2 late nights. Then thinking about all the recent assignments and tests that came in...Sometimes I wish I could go back to teaching Chinese because of all the marking stuff. I envy those teachers who have several readers. They could just take their time and do stuff, unlike me. Yet, not to complain but persevere! I know the Lord is gonna help me through this, like He already did. :)

Monday Shopping Spree

Two weeks before payday, Rachel and I came up with the idea to go shopping once our salary is out. So we told Dollie and others to check if they might be interested in coming. Our initial plan was to go to the big sale at Central Chidlom, Central World and to a Lebanese Restaurant. Due to circumstances that couldn't be avoided, there were only four of us ended up with the plan.

We took the taxi all the way from school to Central Chidlom and had made our Starbucks stop then vroom we went into the sale hall. Yet before getting there, I got disoriented for a moment. How long ago was my last visit to this place? Apparently they renovated some parts of the place and the Sale Hall was quite a walk from where it used to be. Anyway, it took us almost an hour just roaming around the crowded place. I didn't see anything that took my fancy so I decided to wait for T, A and R outside the hall while I took a 5 mins. restroom break. As I was in the restroom, I eavesdropped on this two skinny, Japanese girl wannabes talking about fast weight loss. I was amazed on how at that rate of skinniness, these two girls still want to loose weight. What do they want to be? Cathie Jung?

As soon as all of us were done in Central Chidlom, we quickly walked to Central World to hunt for on-sale clothes at Forever XXI, one of my favorite clothing brand. Well, nothing much and I ended up buying two blouses which was still expensive after the discount but I told myself that they're this month's treat.

Right after shopping was done, we got too hungry to walk all the way to the Lebanese Restaurant and so we decided to stop by a cool Italian place opposite the theater place. We ordered pizza and salads and went home.

When I went to meet Hobbit at Emporium, he told me that he was hungry. So we went to another Italian Restaurant and he oredered guess what?? Pizza!! I just had 2 pieces of them with the girls and now he insist that I help him finish. At the end, I went home with 6 slices of pizza in ma tummi! Nyummm...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Talented Drummer

I would love to have a quarter of her talent, if that's not too much to ask...>_<

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Early Dawn's Goodbye

*We had our last shopping together...

I woke up at 11am this morning after having a total of 5 hours sleep. The reason for this was that several of us friends drove to the airport at 2:30 early morning to say our goodbyes to Nok, our colleague and friend. After the goodbyes, several of us decided to stop by "smelly" Starbucks. Goodness who knows where the shoot the smell originated from. I couldn't tahan even after it subsided a bit and so Hobbit and I left for home. Before going to bed at about 5:30am, I had milk and oats while Hobbit managed to fix himself yummy maggie mee!

Oh ya, before I left for the airport, I managed to complete a simple book bag for my new book. As soon as I completed it, I asked Hobbit to straighten it up a bit by ironing. Who knows the inner lining would stick to each other? Ruined the inner part. There went my efforts. Yet, it's my fault for asking Hobbit to iron. Although still usable, the inside is no longer pretty. :( Need to put handicapped signs next to it. *sigh*

Oh ya, oh ya...Argh! I have too many oh yas!! Am I getting old? Anyway, when we were making our way to the airport, Hobbit and I witnessed two separate accidents. Straight clean highway road, no reason for accidents unless the drivers decided to make their car beat the speed of light! Pity the taxi driver. He was drenched with blood, stuck/pinned down, unable to get out. It scares me just thinking about it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Zero One Two

I'm hooked to Jay Sean's songs and I know I'm not a teenager anymore but I love songs that makes me want to jump on every beat of it. While selecting acne product at a mall with a friend today, the song was on air and the sales lady was explaining about the product to both of us but I couldn't stop myself from humming, tapping and moving haha! I be the sales lady got annoyed because she looked at me with hey-you're-not-that-young-anymore written all over her face but who cares! Jay Sean rock!!*wink*

(ohh) two zero one two (ohh)
it’s alright oh it's alright

you know what they say
life aint always easy
and everyday were survivors
so forget the day
its all about tonight at the school
and start a riot a-riot
be a rebel

bottles popping till we cant stand
you keep it rocking till 6 am
new york to london over to japan
turn it up turn it up mash it up
we gunna party like

party like, likes its the end of the world
we gonna party like, like its 2012
you know that it doesn't matter
as long as we got each other
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it aint the end of the world
we gunna live like its the end of the world
gunna party like
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it aint the end of the world
world, two zero one two

have a drink with me and lets make tonight
go down in history, in history yeah
lets make belive its the last 24 hours
and this whole world is ours eternally, eternally (hey)

bottles popping till we cant stand(cant stand)
you keep it rocking till 6 am (6 am)
new york to london over to japan
turn it up turn it up mash it up
we gunna party like

party like, likes its the end of the world (end of the world)
we gonna party like, like its 2012 (like 2012)
you know that it doesn't matter as long as we got each other
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it aint the end of the world
we gunna live like its the end of the world
gunna party like
turn it up turn it up mash it up
we gunna party like its the end of the world

no im not gonna follow
anything that they say anymore
and its never to late to start again
so lets start it with right here and right now

party like, likes its the end of the world
we gonna party like, like its 2012
you know it doesn't matter as long as we got each other
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it aint the end of the world
we gunna live like its the end of the world
gunna party like
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it aint the end of the world..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How To Be Alone

Taken from YouTube. :)

Things I do For My SELF

This cartoon is from I like it!

I'm hooked with books again lately. I have been shopping for nothing but books such as novels, self-help books, and audio books. The moment I pick up a book and luxuriate into it, my world shuts down and everything in the book comes alive. I just love the feeling of escapism because my routine kills sometimes. Without my books, I very much like to be alone and do things alone when I need to, and Hobbit totally understands this. Being alone when needed has helped me a lot with my self discovery journey. Another once in a blue moon I do for no particular reason (nothing to do with religion) is fasting for fun. I have successfully converted one of my close friend on this and it helped she said it's fun once in a while, not all the time. C is still trying to tell me which diet pills work for her and I couldn't help but suggest my fasting for fun exercise! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Grades Are Done!

Yay I am finally done with gradings!!! Some of you might wonder why the fuss about finishing your grades? Well, imagine yourself being a high school English teacher teaching almost 200 students, reader bailed out, and you have big essays and long test papers to grade in less than a week while school continues to run and all you have is after school (for me, after tutorial is done) to work on these?

The thought of the above totally drove me crazy especially on the part where my reader, without any proper 'goodbye', left me with mountains of papers still not graded. I ran all SOLO in school darn it!! So I made a plan to divide all the papers into equal pieces so I could bring them home to grade! My idea wasn't a bad one because at home, my husband was willing to be more than a reader but a supporter as well! I couldn't thank God enough.

What happened was...I swallowed top diet pills of 2011 and literally crashed on my cushion everyday after school! Heh! No...

As soon as I reached home, I put my handbag down and pulled all the test papers out, sat in front of the telly, switched it on to keep me awake and started grading while Hobbit tutors. Once I got too comfy, I would sit there with hundreds of yoga positions and grade papers until the clock is done with its 24 hours a day. I would take my shower and go to bed.

So yes, finishing my grades is a BIG thing to me. I managed. I accomplished... I thought I couldn't. So today after Hobbit picked me up, we headed to Pizza Company for a little celebration of this 'victory' that was short lived.

Now I am so back to work.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Watched the Telly

The Hobbits are finally watching their television. I think the last time we actually turned our tvs on was a month ago? Hobbit mumbled that there's no use paying the 100B a month satellite if we don't even switch our LCD TV on! Hahaha! No, we don't own a lcd flatron. Guess what, lots of good movies, good tv series and good channels yet we never have the chance to be potato couches, if this term exist. :) Anyway, We have decided to TRY and turn on our telly at least once a week and spend quality time, eating our favorite kiwis, drinking our home made juice and cuddle while watching! Gah, that's so exaggerated! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kisah Kipas

When I was in college, I have this small obsession of cleaning ceiling fans. It all started during my first Valentine's Day at Mission College. Every student my batch knows one thing that really matters to most of us during Valentine's Day in MC --Clean, presentable rooms. Yes, the annual open house for our dormitories was usually on Valentine's day. I don't know if they still keep the tradition now but I hope they still do because it's such a memorable day.

Okay, so Lollie and I were freshies and knew little why most of the Thai students overdid their rooms: sticking out a big heart in the middle of the two single beds, spreading heart candies all over their bed as if decorating a suite for a newly wedded couple, hiding all their mama utensils away, arranging every single little things as if their room was the next E.G White's show house. Everything was all suddenly perfect...for one day that was. As for us innocent new comers, we clean our room just like how we used to clean them every Fridays. Nothing out of site besides undies taken away into the drawers unfolded. Then came the biggest awaited spot checkers and did their rounds...into our room. Lollie and Amy exchanging this BIG relief of satisfaction when the judges looked quite "impressed." One of them look above the low ceiling...dust, dust, dust. Ahhh! It's not cleaned...Heh, we looked at each other..."Kipasssssssssssssssssssssss!!!"

Kipas means fan, or to be specific on what we had, ceiling fan. We totally overlooked what was on the ceiling thinking, no one checks the fan plus it will be turned on while checking went on anyway. How wrong of us to think the judges didn't know where the switch was.

Since that day, Lollie and I started cleaning our fans every Friday noon for regular dorm spot checks. I started to love the feeling and satisfaction of having dust-free ceiling fan. Since then, every time I enter a room that I have to live in, the second thing I do after the restroom is to check the kipas. By the way, the picture above was taken during our Teacher's Retreat. I love that fan!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The One In Red, Definitely!

Every time I look at this particular caricatures, I can't help but think about how we fit in the picture: Nok and I. You know how your legs get sore from walking and your arms sort of get numb from carrying all your shopping bags after a long day of mall's hopping and all you feel like doing is just sit in padded cushions, order your cup of tea and just make a big review on your purchase-of-the-day? Yeah, there were several moments when we were doing just that and thought about our future life together--flamboyant old women, rich from retirement money (if there's any left), trotting arm in arm, handful of bags, and having the same *high* tea break while chatting away when our arthritis yells for a break.

Nok, if you are reading this...That's me with the red blazer. You can qualify for the arthritis legs because you shop more! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Monday Lazy Monday!

"Ms, why today have to be Monday?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Because I hate Mondays!"
There goes them whining!
I could explain why I hate coming to school today but don't hate Mondays. It's because I came to work yesterday and did everything I could for school this week. My rackmount computer in class is finally connected to a projector and I couldn't be more happy! Yet coming to school after a day of hard work yesterday, just didn't feel right in the morning but towards my 5th period, it got better. It should be because I worked yesterday right?
My students took their second major test for this quarter and I could see some of them beginning to slack. Long weekend, what did they do? When asked, one singer from my 4th period class said that she only had a total of 3 hours sleep during the weekend because she had to do recordings and photoshoots. Wow! I didn't believe her since she looked normal in class. Yet she was holding a Thai teen's magazine and pointed her picture gesturing to me that it's her! Believe me, the media can make a person look totally flawless on mags. and I almost dropped my jaw in awe!
Yeah, I got to know several of them are doing Thai soaps as well. If they didn't tell me, I could be totally living in the dark. They don't go brag about themselves in class/school and very down to earth in person but hey, you might not know you have a Pixie Lott in class or Jay Sean or even Karabao! :)
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