Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six to Six

The question I often get around school lately is "So how's the 10 graders?"

So far, I still have limited vocabulary to describe how they are. So in a nutshell, I give one to three words answer to whoever asked me the above question.

They are: not so smart to smart, average, less of a headache, cunning, precarious, fun, generous, cool, no-horns-yet, lifeless, dependable, good dealers, dubious, indescribable, sensitive, hyper, careless, so-what, blah and blahs creatures.

When I really can't think of any word to describe my classes, I say "so far so good!" with a big smile! Well, a friend commented that I have such an undying smile since I moved to the high school and in a way I agree with her because I finally get to live the working life I was prepared for initially! :)

Suddenly school became a very important place. I work from six to six no kidding. And still I have to donate half of what I am earning (supposedly) to charity! Yay for that. It more or less I can't decide...made me a better person. I can now contribute to cheap laminate flooring to bamboo school!

Wish me luck as I continue this journey and wish me lots and lots of luck as I continue my donations.

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