Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pulau Pinang Trip #4

It was hard to wake up when you know your fun ends today. Yet the Bata sandals kept me going the whole time. Reminded me of a last mission to accomplish before leaving delicious Penang. Good thing we started packing the night before and only had to adjust the capacity as to refilling or taking out.

It was barely 10am and the three of us were already waiting in front of the only Bata shop at Perangin Mall. As soon as it opened, we attacked and won ourselves each a pair of shoe. Then we graciously went back into Giant supermarket to get more maggie mees, breeches and whatever we found fit for our hand carries and luggage. It was then time to go to Auntie Jennie's place for lunch. I was anticipating tempoyak.

True enough as we got there, food on table and one of the dishes was tempoyak! How time flies. Railey was no longer the little boy who had a crush on me the first time I visited Auntie Jennie's place with a group of friends. He's 19 this year. Then I got to know Raileynn, Maclan's only sister. She's sweet. :) Our lunch was filled with reminisces. We got to talk to Maclan through the phone too! As Auntie Jennie was telling me about their move to KL and back to the exact current house (they lived in this house when I first visited) and about her sickness, I could see how much God had blessed them in so many unexpected ways. Auntie Jennie's family is so blessed. Well, we spent time in her kitchen for sambal bilis and later on said our goodbyes after a small sarsi session.

At the airport, we managed to check in our luggage without having to pay a single cent. God is good. Dee treated waffles. You guys who stopped by Penang airport need to try this waffle. I forgot the name of the shop but yeah...We returned to Bangkok safely.

The night was spent watching Nanny McPhee 2 while committing another big sin--khra pao kai khai dao!

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