Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mega School Field Trip #1

The whole school is going for a field trip today. It's rare that we get this chance to go as a school. I don't know about the students but I am pretty excited. Excited to see the organization of the whole thing, excited to anticipate chaos, excited to welcome responsibility...The buses are already lining up as I made my way to my classroom. I wonder how many buses would it take if the whole school is going in them. So far, the school only needed 14 buses for those who couldn't get to the place by themselves. A bigger student of mine was making fun by saying he needs the best fat burner in town to get him on the bus! Well, he is big and you know what big means. :) Till then, wait for my entry on Siam Niramit fieldtrip (that if I even have the chance to take pictures and go around)!
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