Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laugh Malaysia, Laugh.

Everyone in Thailand knows the work of Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand. In fact, she is nicknamed "Dr. Death" because of her professional innovations and her straight talk about crime and social issues. I first heard of her during the PAD riot following the suicide investigation of the famous Kill Bill star, David Carradine. Later, through The Reader's Digest (I was frantically flipping through all my pass issues but still couldn't find which issue she was in...forget it!), I finally got to picture her flamboyance and why she is also known as the most trusted individual in Thailand (although some would disagree to this statement). Now that she is involved in the investigation of the TBH case in Malaysia, I couldn't help but wonder why her qualification is being questioned over her many expertise and many outstanding work?!

Given that I am a Malaysian living in Thailand for almost a decade and still proud to be one, I totally bailed out on the Malaysian Judiciary "Hall of Fame" and most of all the lacking of professionalism judges. Handling the Teoh Beng Hock case with such an impression towards other countries' professionalists and representing the government with their poor command of English, questioning ones quality of work, asking non-specific questions, making accusations and having poor listening skills (you're a judge for goodness sake!) simply put the whole country into a bowl as a laughing stock to the whole world.

I am offended and I am embarrassed. The whole nation are embarrassed. Feels like getting some compression stockings online and shove it into whoever this dpp is. 24 years of experience in his field?? ROFL!!! Hahahahaha!


Gabriel said...

Can I use your post as a forward to my friends? You have really good points and good writing. This speaks for us Malaysians who are embarrassed as well. Thanks.

Hobbit Wife said...

Sure go ahead. Unlike some people who don't even ask and copy words for words and claim my thoughts as their own! Some people just don't know how to ask. Yet, thanks Gabriel, for asking.

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