Sunday, September 19, 2010

Her to Her

Dear Amy,

How are you? A close friend of ours told me that you've been busy. Ever since you moved to high school, I hardly get to lure you out shopping with me! What has changed since we last talked?

I get to know that you're not tutoring during the weekends anymore. That should leave you with a lot of time for me. Yet, all I have been getting from you is a reply sms saying you're busy marking hundreds of journals and essays every weekend. Either that or simply just "sax lesson." Seriously, what happened to you? I am missing our Subway dates, Emporium dates and other stuff that we used to do once weekend approaches.

Nevertheless, don't work too hard because you yourself told me that you're not getting any raised or extra for your extra efforts. I am just concerned with your social health. Pity Hobbit too. Don't let him wait for you after school. Go home and enjoy your evenings together instead of making him wait for you all the time. By the time you get home, there is very little time for you to catch up with each other. Face it, stop hiding your little secret--bringing work home.

Guess what? I bought you a very naughty nurse costumes. I know you would like it since you like collecting different types of costumes. Try it and take a picture of yourself. Do put some make ups on because you look horrible without. Okay, regards to Hobbit and take care. Do know that I miss you!


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