Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handling Loss

Life IS fragile. I still have a hard time giving in to how cancer could just take my ah yi (aunt) away from us like that! She's one of the top health freak I know. She takes good care of her family and herself. Her lifestyle reflected her faith. When I last visited her in December 2009, even a few days after chemo, she managed to keep her spirit high and her willingness to fight against cancer was far beyond a person with a healthy body could imagine. We prayed together and she said that she would visit me as soon as my cousin Anselm comes home from the States.

Last July, dad put me on the phone to speak to her. By then she had lost her speech but she could hear me and gestured. When Anselm was home, we managed to skype. It was so good to talk to him and reminisced the stuff we used to do. He's such a wonderful brother to talk to. Instead of comforting him, he comforted me! I was speechless.

On August 26, 2010, Thursday morning, mom and dad told me the news. I couldn't stop hating cancer! I went to school that morning and shared my thoughts with my students in worship. Little did I know that it made an impact...being open about my feelings and all. As I read through their journals for the week, some of them actually responded with mutual thoughts about sickness and death. I was touched with their empathy.

As I was watching a Christian movie The Perfect Stranger last night, my question was re-answered. God does not want bad things to happen to us but sometimes He lets trials in our life so that we, His children, will thirst for Him and seek Him even more. Yet, people often direct themselves to believe that God doesn't exist because of all the sufferings they go through. Even then, we must remember that God is always good, just, loving and merciful. When we suffer, He hurts and grief even more than we do. I need to be reminded today to "trust in the Lord with all my heart and to lean not on my own understanding; to acknowledge Him that He will make my path straight."

On a happy note, I am ordering Christmas gifts online so I could get them on time for you, you and you. I need some fresh air now. :)

Happy Sabbath everyone!

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