Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pulau Pinang Trip #3

I received my laptop warranty today and the person told me that I could go service for free for 2 years. Yay! I don't want my current laptop to be neglected just because their company can't afford to provide excellent service.

Lets continue with my third day in Penang. Now, do know that I don't exactly post my day from A-Z but I pick up all the highlights for the day so I could share it with you silent readers. You guys are really silent nowadays! Yet, you guys seemed to be catching up with me when we chat/talk, which is a good thing and thank you for that. *saves my breath hehehe*

Okay, so the Sabbath that we spent in Penang was nothing but a great and blessed one. The three of us (Hobbit, Dee and I) were about to bail on Tinah for church since we slept really late that night but God had a way to slap us up and ready for church. The sermon by Pr. F. Amer was a good one. I once again learned about taking life one day at a time and of course--Slow to anger--My greatest yet to be learned lesson. :)

Dawn and Daniel happened to be in charge for potluck and I guess luck hit us because I just love hanging out with these two. They are so warm and friendly minus the fact that Hobbit and Daniel just got to know that they are so related by blood last year. We had good food and good company. I am missing Dawn's red sauce tempe! I also miss the breeze and spectacular view they get from where they live. Sure to visit again.

Eva and Jay picked us up to another giant shopping mall just so we have an idea of how luxurious Penang can get when it comes to shopping. I forgot the name of the mall but they have Forever 21!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Then we hit on Restaurant Subaidah for crave treat roti canai and the kind before stopping by Lotus for our million dollar gifts--maggie mee. It's amazing how mamak nowadays are high tech. with palm smart phones bickering away while taking your orders! I was amused totally.

The evening ended with our love moment---FOOD at Goodall. The name of the place speaks for itself. I thought it was Gudol or Gudon but hey, Goodall gives you lesser headaches if you experienced decision making problems in Gurney Drive. This eatery is just awesome. AWESOME! All of us were immediately pregnant on our happy walk home!

Now I just need to someone to give me or buy me the shirt that prints "I ♥ Penang!"

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