Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pulau Pinang #2

Immigration office
We were running late the second day. It rained hard that night I know because I wasn't able to sleep due to a new place, new bed...
Our ride - bus 101
We (Hobbit, Dee and I) took the 101 bus all the way towards the Jetty and got off where the post office were just a few steps away. The immigration was then visible after asking a passerby where it was. I quickly went in and queued. It took me almost an hour filling in the forms, waited for my turn at the counter and queued in another line at the cashier. The personel said that I could collect my new passport 3 hours after.
the clock tower as a landmark to the immigration
After posting something at the post office, we headed to CIMB bank and I managed to run my errands in a few minutes thanks to their friendly and helpful staff. For once I wished it was this easy to get things done in Thailand!
three layered tea
Roy's Ee-foo mian
Dee's curry mee
Brunch time, Hobbit and Dee spotted an open air eatery where the food seemed to be good. So we each had our own pick. I had Ee Foo noodles in black sauce and it was good. We sat there until it was just a few minutes to collecting my passport.
On our way to pick up my passport
The place I bought my cardigan. Oh, there it is! *spot* *spot* *spot*
On our way back to the immigration, I stoppped and bought a semi cardigan so I could cover my neck properly. It was not comfortable wearing a plus size lingerie! After I got my passport, we took the free shuttle which took us to the Jetty and to the bus stop next to Perangin Mall. It was time to shop our hearts out!
At Perangin Mall
Rested our kaki and enjoyed a makan session here
Dee's tart and ice tea ping
Roy's nasi lemak sambal
My rojak
Late towards the evening, when our legs were quite sore from walking, we hop on the 103 bus to Gurney Plaza, another shopping mall before going to a well-known food street, Gurney Drive.
At Gurney Drive...It's hard to explain. You will know why by just looking at these mouth watering food! I had a swell evening!!

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