Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to the Clock

This week, two days in a row and I guess the rest of the week as well...I woke up and will have to wake up early for school. Guess unconsciously I bid vacation goodbye and hello work days. Yet, nothing is far more productive than that of my last Monday and Tuesday. I literally TRANSFORM and I don't have so much freedom to do this very often anywhere else except home. I love the results from all those dragging, pulling and pushing. Tonight I did some sewing for my worn down furniture and realized that I needed more time. More time to think of how to decorate the faux wood blinds that faces my desk and time to rearrange all the books accordingly. Lord, please help me to put everything together by Sunday because I so can't wait to be done. If I can be done before next week, I have plenty of time for other planning. Oh, speaking of plans, Hobbit and I just made a huge decision on something and we realized that one or the other has to go since we couldn't dwell on both plans. That is why I hate planning ahead of time especially when they involve time and money. Life is sometimes, SO like that.

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