Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pulau Pinang Trip #3

I received my laptop warranty today and the person told me that I could go service for free for 2 years. Yay! I don't want my current laptop to be neglected just because their company can't afford to provide excellent service.

Lets continue with my third day in Penang. Now, do know that I don't exactly post my day from A-Z but I pick up all the highlights for the day so I could share it with you silent readers. You guys are really silent nowadays! Yet, you guys seemed to be catching up with me when we chat/talk, which is a good thing and thank you for that. *saves my breath hehehe*

Okay, so the Sabbath that we spent in Penang was nothing but a great and blessed one. The three of us (Hobbit, Dee and I) were about to bail on Tinah for church since we slept really late that night but God had a way to slap us up and ready for church. The sermon by Pr. F. Amer was a good one. I once again learned about taking life one day at a time and of course--Slow to anger--My greatest yet to be learned lesson. :)

Dawn and Daniel happened to be in charge for potluck and I guess luck hit us because I just love hanging out with these two. They are so warm and friendly minus the fact that Hobbit and Daniel just got to know that they are so related by blood last year. We had good food and good company. I am missing Dawn's red sauce tempe! I also miss the breeze and spectacular view they get from where they live. Sure to visit again.

Eva and Jay picked us up to another giant shopping mall just so we have an idea of how luxurious Penang can get when it comes to shopping. I forgot the name of the mall but they have Forever 21!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Then we hit on Restaurant Subaidah for crave treat roti canai and the kind before stopping by Lotus for our million dollar gifts--maggie mee. It's amazing how mamak nowadays are high tech. with palm smart phones bickering away while taking your orders! I was amused totally.

The evening ended with our love moment---FOOD at Goodall. The name of the place speaks for itself. I thought it was Gudol or Gudon but hey, Goodall gives you lesser headaches if you experienced decision making problems in Gurney Drive. This eatery is just awesome. AWESOME! All of us were immediately pregnant on our happy walk home!

Now I just need to someone to give me or buy me the shirt that prints "I ♥ Penang!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pulau Pinang #2

Immigration office
We were running late the second day. It rained hard that night I know because I wasn't able to sleep due to a new place, new bed...
Our ride - bus 101
We (Hobbit, Dee and I) took the 101 bus all the way towards the Jetty and got off where the post office were just a few steps away. The immigration was then visible after asking a passerby where it was. I quickly went in and queued. It took me almost an hour filling in the forms, waited for my turn at the counter and queued in another line at the cashier. The personel said that I could collect my new passport 3 hours after.
the clock tower as a landmark to the immigration
After posting something at the post office, we headed to CIMB bank and I managed to run my errands in a few minutes thanks to their friendly and helpful staff. For once I wished it was this easy to get things done in Thailand!
three layered tea
Roy's Ee-foo mian
Dee's curry mee
Brunch time, Hobbit and Dee spotted an open air eatery where the food seemed to be good. So we each had our own pick. I had Ee Foo noodles in black sauce and it was good. We sat there until it was just a few minutes to collecting my passport.
On our way to pick up my passport
The place I bought my cardigan. Oh, there it is! *spot* *spot* *spot*
On our way back to the immigration, I stoppped and bought a semi cardigan so I could cover my neck properly. It was not comfortable wearing a plus size lingerie! After I got my passport, we took the free shuttle which took us to the Jetty and to the bus stop next to Perangin Mall. It was time to shop our hearts out!
At Perangin Mall
Rested our kaki and enjoyed a makan session here
Dee's tart and ice tea ping
Roy's nasi lemak sambal
My rojak
Late towards the evening, when our legs were quite sore from walking, we hop on the 103 bus to Gurney Plaza, another shopping mall before going to a well-known food street, Gurney Drive.
At Gurney Drive...It's hard to explain. You will know why by just looking at these mouth watering food! I had a swell evening!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Sabbath Aug. 14, 2010

Repost from ammegan.

I want modern sofas!! Haha!

I speak like a mama brat! Hey Amy, who do you think you are??

It was a long day yesterday. I thought we would go home and cook ourselves some mama (Thai spicy noodles) but Dollie insisted on having us for lunch. Yeah, we have been going to her place yet I thought for a sec. that it would be nice to just enjoy mama! :)

Anyway, we had a good lunch despite two dishes. The Lord provided and it's amazing how close knitted friendship could bring you a step closer to God everyday despite all the crazy stuff you get along with all the laughter. It makes you see how others struggle to make life work, and knowing you are not alone. I don't know if I sounded nosy and irritating when I am around my friends but one thing I do feel is that, each of us respects our differences which is essential in keeping a lifelong friendship. Day by day I find my prayer list gets longer just because of the many blessings I received from friends. I'm the worst prayer warrior in town but I do keep in touch with my Savior! :)

So we had a long day. The evening was Swensen's Big Talk (we laughed and talk like we own the place) and Starbucks Lay Time (we literally ambushed the cushion)!

Rhema Marvanne

Speaking of the rising number of children singing sensation nowadays, I can't help but adore all of them because they make me want to hide myself behind curtains! :) Besides the point, I especially love the spirit and passion of Rhema Marvanne Voraritskul, a 7 year old girl who has captured the hearts of many. As her father puts it, she takes tremendous inspiration from her mother, Wendi Marvanne Voraritskul, who sadly lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2008. She wants to make her mother proud, both as a singer and a servant of God. Go here to read more about this charming little girl. I am sure her story will touch your heart, if not your life like how it did to me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pulau Pinang Trip #1

The night before the great Tsunami 2004 hit Southeast Asia, two of our Filipino friends, Jovita, Hobbit and I were having a good walk along the most happening street in Penang that night--Gurney Drive. The next morning, we headed for Kuala Lumpur by bus without any inkling a deadly, gigantic wave had hit parts of Southeast Asia until my dad who was at home in Sabah called my cell. When he called, we were already resting comfortably at Lai Sum's house. I told him that we arrived safely in KL. Even so, he scolded me for being oblivious of my surroundings. In distress, I got hold of the rest and we quickly turned on the telly. The Tsunami news was on every channel, death toll kept rising and damages were uncountable. My heart beat fast, I was scared (always a penakut), scared that it might happen again and we can't go back! Arggh, I panicked but kept my cool for the rest took it rather calmly...

That was six years ago. Six years after, I can't believe that I don't even remember landing at the same airport I did during my last visit. My memory is starting to fail me. Anyway, the flight was super pleasant. I sat next to a super friendly business man and we got to talk from take off to touch down which made the flight even better. Instead of hopping on rip-off taxis, we took the bus from the airport to the stop at Perangin Mall that cost RM2.70 each and from there spent another RM1.40 each on bus 101 that took us along Jalan Burma to PAH. First impression of the bus services--efficient and very user-friendly.

We met with Tinah and her mom, settled our luggage and walked to the nearby warung. I ordered fried noodles Singapore style and a cup of milo panas. While waiting for the food, Hobbit and I rushed to Midlands to take passport size pictures so to be prepared. The process took less than 10 minutes.

After our dinner, Deanna introduced us to her friend Eva and Jay, who throughout our stay had been very friendly and helpful. Thought of makan again but nah, we were too tired to go anywhere but rest. All in all, it was a tiring yet a much sought for day.

Pulau Pinang Trip #2 up next but before that, do check out this Baby jogger city select because this is not just any stroller, it is unique.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to the Clock

This week, two days in a row and I guess the rest of the week as well...I woke up and will have to wake up early for school. Guess unconsciously I bid vacation goodbye and hello work days. Yet, nothing is far more productive than that of my last Monday and Tuesday. I literally TRANSFORM and I don't have so much freedom to do this very often anywhere else except home. I love the results from all those dragging, pulling and pushing. Tonight I did some sewing for my worn down furniture and realized that I needed more time. More time to think of how to decorate the faux wood blinds that faces my desk and time to rearrange all the books accordingly. Lord, please help me to put everything together by Sunday because I so can't wait to be done. If I can be done before next week, I have plenty of time for other planning. Oh, speaking of plans, Hobbit and I just made a huge decision on something and we realized that one or the other has to go since we couldn't dwell on both plans. That is why I hate planning ahead of time especially when they involve time and money. Life is sometimes, SO like that.
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