Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Definitely Flies

How time flies. Tomorrow we will be entering the month of August and in five more months we will be bidding 2010 goodbye.

Actually I just woke up to realize the phrases written above. Well, summer work has definitely ended and my holidays are about to come to end too. I am already seeing myself busy with school preparation next week. Thinking about work just doesn't bring joy yet. Hopefully I can be tuned in once I switch to my working routine again speaking of which, I need to start training my body clock to be awake and alert at 5am in the morning! Early bird must kick in tomorrow!!

I seriously lost count of days since my first week of holiday but people often say that it is a good sign. It means you are enjoying every bit of your vacation thus the days mattered not. It is true in a way...Yet I also had small errands that needed me to keep track of the calendar such as my doctor's appointments, trips I needed to make, etc. So to say I totally lost count was a lie *grin*. I totally need to recall the many things I did during the summer hols. I know it definitely started with personalized soccer balls in commemorating the 2010 World Cup! :)

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