Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharing is Love

We seriously need a bathroom fixture. One of our tap leaks and I suspect it's the water pressure or something. Anyway, while waiting for the world cup match tonight (The Netherlands vs. Uruguay), we decided to bake cupcakes for someone tonight. Although we have been baking brownies and cookies, this is actually our second time making cupcakes. I know how much Hobbit hates doing the dishes during this time. Utensils to be put away, washed and dried. As much as he does, I do too. Sometimes I feel that all I do is complain but I am the one who initiated the making. Arghh! Sometimes I hate how I like to do stuff but could hardly complete the whole process. Often times when complication hits, that's when I easily give up and roll the ball to Hobbit instead. He hates this but because he loves me *wink wink* I get to let go just like that! That is why in return, I love him! Great minds and team work are just perfect together, don't they? Will update this post with pictures when tomorrow when I'm not glued to my chair. Hmmph!

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