Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sabbath Potlucks

Every Sabbath, Dollie would invite us friends to join her in her mini potluck at her mini but cozy place. It is a nice time to bond and fellowship with friends but it is also a big time when it comes to food. Unconsciously I realized that I have been asking Damien, our old buddy, what would be his menu for the weekend since he is good in making pastry stuff or whatever dishes you want him to fix. I forgot which Sabbath was these pictures taken but the date on my camera recorded June 19, 2010. We had Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs haha! Well, not literally but similar to the animation movie's meatballs, Damien made spaghetti meatball sauce and it was sinfully yumm! We enjoyed it so much that one of Dollie's design furniture was even stained with sauce all around.

Today is it. We are going to have another round of a potluck with different people coming. I am bringing my orange tomato salsa and Hobbit is bringing his signature unsweetened almond brownies in exchange of yummy Indian vegetarian food!

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