Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indulging Thai Food Evening

Before Chervie left for good, we had a small gathering at home. The theme was "Indulging Thai Food". It was actually a gathering to bid Chervie bon voyage and hola to Dr. Shaun.

Hobbit and I were happy to once again have guests in our home although it wasn't quite a good timing for Hobbit since he had school banquet to attend to the whole evening. Even so, he manage to come home on time for pure fun entertainment.

Since we were going to enjoy Thai food, I wanted it to be the sala sitting style where everyone sits on a mat while food are spread at the center of the mat. Too bad, the Thai mat didn't work out and we had to use a quilt blanket covered with plastic for protection. Yet, the concept was there.

The day came and the girls came with varieties of mouth watering, authentic Thai food including my favorite kapi dip and the guys with extra hands. As soon as the food was laid and everyone felt the "big eyes small tummy" syndrome, we started indulging. Food was so good and I got to experience some authentic dishes that I have never sampled before. Hmmmph!

Since food was good, everyone had a full tummy. Yet three decided to be more active after all that stuffing. Dee, Vie and Daron decided to swim while Shaun baked his banana cake and the rest watched the latest Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith's Karate Kid.

The evening didn't just end like that. The party began when Shaun rendered his second remake of "If I Ain't Got You" accompanied by his brother on the piano. Then all of us decided to just throw ourselves into random singing. It was so much fun that I silently thought "Now, take that look thung feverish neighbor!!"

The crowd dispersed at midnight and somebody forgot their Breguet. :)

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