Friday, July 16, 2010

I Could Stop Wanting If I Try...

image from health discovery
My counter ticker says 6 days to my next travel! I so need to go somewhere badly...Escape from my daily routine and just soak myself where good companies and food knows no time...! The only way for me to escape right now is through books that I'm currently reading. No complaining now, I know holiday just started and I'm sure it will be a good one.

Today I am suppose to do some cleaning work at home, mainly my make-up desk. Too messy with empty bottles, balms all over and you name it! I also have this acne cream that a friend bought from the States and supposedly to be given to her sister that made me thought of the best acne treatment my circle of friends have been raving about....needed to be checked out. Arrgh...girls. Why do we have to have so much clutters all around the house?? Think about it, we can make do with most of the things we purchase but why the want non-stop?? If you happen to have the answer to this question....Readers, you are the only person who fully understands women. :)

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