Friday, July 16, 2010

Fire Place

While doing my lipozene reviews, Nok and I got hungry and we went into Fire Place (a Japanese restaurant) at Emporium to eat. Thanks for the treat Nok. :)

Fire Place is so opposite from Nuea Yang Kao Ri, a cheap bbq buffet a group of us went to recently. Of course because the price and environment tells of how much your pocket are expected to spend too. At Fire Place, Nok and I were really pleased with the bbq stove. Modern, heats up fast, burns fast and without smell too! We ordered a buffet set which cost about 450B-550B which comes with raw cut vegetables, 2 bowls of rice and a plate of raw beef meat. What I really enjoyed was the tongue meat. Nok and Hobbit (who joined us later on) didn't like it but they could tell that I just love cow's tongue. It runs in the family and needless for further explanation. I couldn't find tongue anywhere else but this restaurant and boy did my face lit up! :)
I would recommend this restaurant if you like bbq-ing food. Moderate to expensive money wise.

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