Friday, July 16, 2010

Dim Sum Restaurant

A restaurant at the mall that Hobbit and I frequent to is Dim Sum Restaurant. It's a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurants with lots of Chinese dishes on the menus. Despite what's on the menu, both of us like the way food is cooked here...with firey wok ala. so Chinese style.

Surrounded by steel buildings, the Mall Ramkhamhaeng is convenient for people like us to visit if we needed to get groceries or to just pop up for food. Back to the Dim Sum Restaurant, we particularly love all the greens they cook there. Like their sayur manis dish, it's just either oyster sauce/mushroom sauce and garlic that went into the frying pan and viola! Another dish is the heart shaped leafy vegetable that I don't quite know the name but the point is....Everytime we looked to our left and to our right, there's always 2-3 customers ordering the same vegetables dishes that we like! Dim sum wise, not bad. :)
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