Saturday, July 31, 2010

If I Ain't Got You

Indulging Thai Food Evening

Before Chervie left for good, we had a small gathering at home. The theme was "Indulging Thai Food". It was actually a gathering to bid Chervie bon voyage and hola to Dr. Shaun.

Hobbit and I were happy to once again have guests in our home although it wasn't quite a good timing for Hobbit since he had school banquet to attend to the whole evening. Even so, he manage to come home on time for pure fun entertainment.

Since we were going to enjoy Thai food, I wanted it to be the sala sitting style where everyone sits on a mat while food are spread at the center of the mat. Too bad, the Thai mat didn't work out and we had to use a quilt blanket covered with plastic for protection. Yet, the concept was there.

The day came and the girls came with varieties of mouth watering, authentic Thai food including my favorite kapi dip and the guys with extra hands. As soon as the food was laid and everyone felt the "big eyes small tummy" syndrome, we started indulging. Food was so good and I got to experience some authentic dishes that I have never sampled before. Hmmmph!

Since food was good, everyone had a full tummy. Yet three decided to be more active after all that stuffing. Dee, Vie and Daron decided to swim while Shaun baked his banana cake and the rest watched the latest Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith's Karate Kid.

The evening didn't just end like that. The party began when Shaun rendered his second remake of "If I Ain't Got You" accompanied by his brother on the piano. Then all of us decided to just throw ourselves into random singing. It was so much fun that I silently thought "Now, take that look thung feverish neighbor!!"

The crowd dispersed at midnight and somebody forgot their Breguet. :)

Sabbath Potlucks

Every Sabbath, Dollie would invite us friends to join her in her mini potluck at her mini but cozy place. It is a nice time to bond and fellowship with friends but it is also a big time when it comes to food. Unconsciously I realized that I have been asking Damien, our old buddy, what would be his menu for the weekend since he is good in making pastry stuff or whatever dishes you want him to fix. I forgot which Sabbath was these pictures taken but the date on my camera recorded June 19, 2010. We had Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs haha! Well, not literally but similar to the animation movie's meatballs, Damien made spaghetti meatball sauce and it was sinfully yumm! We enjoyed it so much that one of Dollie's design furniture was even stained with sauce all around.

Today is it. We are going to have another round of a potluck with different people coming. I am bringing my orange tomato salsa and Hobbit is bringing his signature unsweetened almond brownies in exchange of yummy Indian vegetarian food!

Time Definitely Flies

How time flies. Tomorrow we will be entering the month of August and in five more months we will be bidding 2010 goodbye.

Actually I just woke up to realize the phrases written above. Well, summer work has definitely ended and my holidays are about to come to end too. I am already seeing myself busy with school preparation next week. Thinking about work just doesn't bring joy yet. Hopefully I can be tuned in once I switch to my working routine again speaking of which, I need to start training my body clock to be awake and alert at 5am in the morning! Early bird must kick in tomorrow!!

I seriously lost count of days since my first week of holiday but people often say that it is a good sign. It means you are enjoying every bit of your vacation thus the days mattered not. It is true in a way...Yet I also had small errands that needed me to keep track of the calendar such as my doctor's appointments, trips I needed to make, etc. So to say I totally lost count was a lie *grin*. I totally need to recall the many things I did during the summer hols. I know it definitely started with personalized soccer balls in commemorating the 2010 World Cup! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My "Minimal" Dream

One of my dream is to live as minimal as I can. When I say minimal, it means
1. only have the things I need.
2. minimize usage of utilities.
3. pay less.
4. save more.
5. learn and re-learn what contentment is.

Do you think a house like Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed will suffice and make my dream come true?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fire Place

While doing my lipozene reviews, Nok and I got hungry and we went into Fire Place (a Japanese restaurant) at Emporium to eat. Thanks for the treat Nok. :)

Fire Place is so opposite from Nuea Yang Kao Ri, a cheap bbq buffet a group of us went to recently. Of course because the price and environment tells of how much your pocket are expected to spend too. At Fire Place, Nok and I were really pleased with the bbq stove. Modern, heats up fast, burns fast and without smell too! We ordered a buffet set which cost about 450B-550B which comes with raw cut vegetables, 2 bowls of rice and a plate of raw beef meat. What I really enjoyed was the tongue meat. Nok and Hobbit (who joined us later on) didn't like it but they could tell that I just love cow's tongue. It runs in the family and needless for further explanation. I couldn't find tongue anywhere else but this restaurant and boy did my face lit up! :)
I would recommend this restaurant if you like bbq-ing food. Moderate to expensive money wise.

I Could Stop Wanting If I Try...

image from health discovery
My counter ticker says 6 days to my next travel! I so need to go somewhere badly...Escape from my daily routine and just soak myself where good companies and food knows no time...! The only way for me to escape right now is through books that I'm currently reading. No complaining now, I know holiday just started and I'm sure it will be a good one.

Today I am suppose to do some cleaning work at home, mainly my make-up desk. Too messy with empty bottles, balms all over and you name it! I also have this acne cream that a friend bought from the States and supposedly to be given to her sister that made me thought of the best acne treatment my circle of friends have been raving about....needed to be checked out. Arrgh...girls. Why do we have to have so much clutters all around the house?? Think about it, we can make do with most of the things we purchase but why the want non-stop?? If you happen to have the answer to this question....Readers, you are the only person who fully understands women. :)

Dim Sum Restaurant

A restaurant at the mall that Hobbit and I frequent to is Dim Sum Restaurant. It's a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurants with lots of Chinese dishes on the menus. Despite what's on the menu, both of us like the way food is cooked here...with firey wok ala. so Chinese style.

Surrounded by steel buildings, the Mall Ramkhamhaeng is convenient for people like us to visit if we needed to get groceries or to just pop up for food. Back to the Dim Sum Restaurant, we particularly love all the greens they cook there. Like their sayur manis dish, it's just either oyster sauce/mushroom sauce and garlic that went into the frying pan and viola! Another dish is the heart shaped leafy vegetable that I don't quite know the name but the point is....Everytime we looked to our left and to our right, there's always 2-3 customers ordering the same vegetables dishes that we like! Dim sum wise, not bad. :)


Hobbit and I love TCM cuppings. It's like your skin is being pulled tight during the process and when the cups are being pulled off, you literally feel like your body has just been replace to a brand new one. I've done it twice so far.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul, the Fifa Octopus

Tonight it is Uruguay vs. Germany. Are you a fan of the Fifa World Cup games? I know I am but I keep my hands off of bet. When Germany lost to Spain, I was heart broken but not as much as those who put down and risk. Anyway, pass prototype 37c reviews I had no clue about the Paul the octopus until the day before yesterday.

Okay for those of you who are still in the dark (hopefully none of you are like me), Paul is an octopus who lives at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen Germany. He became famous for his ability to sort of predict the outcome of soccer matches. Two boxes are lowered into his tank, each box contains an oyster or a mussel and the flag for each team in the match. So, Paul the prognosticator has predicted that Spain will take home the trophy this Sunday as they are scheduled playing against The Netherlands.

You think so? I would go for the Neds. for my hero Wesley Sneijder would definitely impress me with his stunts! Gah...waka waka oh la la!!

Psalm 119:171 & Fellowship

"My Lips Shall Utter Praises To Thee..."

It's Sabbath today and I am utterly blessed by God and by all the jazz praise I am listening right now. Hobbit and I are dressed up for a 9am appointment with a friend but it was canceled right after we got to the place but that's okay (reasonable excuse given) and we drove to renew our insurance and road tax for we had no choice but do it today. It took only 10 minutes and here we are at home, listening to sermons and songs instead of going for SML for timely reason. We are enjoying home worship so far. Later this noon we are going to Dollie's room for lunch and hopefully have some good fellowship with friends. For one I learned that biblical fellowship is built on a shared calling, shared beliefs, shared hopes, shared faith, shared suffering, shared participation in the emblems of Jesus' body and blood, and a shared inheritance. Without sharing these things there is no biblical fellowship at all. Hope we are doing just that, I think we do. :) Oh, need to remind myself to bring eye creams and all my mineral make ups for a friend this evening! Hey, some points to why we fellowship...

Believers have fellowship because of shared:
• calling Hebrews 3:1;
• faith Romans 4:16;
• gospel 1 Thessalonians 2:8;
• spiritual blessings Romans 15:27;
• comfort 2 Corinthians 1:5,7;
• hope Ephesians 4:4; Romans 5:2;
• inheritance Colossians 1:12;
• suffering 2 Corinthians 1:5,7; 2 Timothy 1:8, 2:3; Philippians 3:10; 1 Peter
4:13; Revelation 1:9.

Evening Dips

The best diet pills for women is not to eat healthy in the evenings. Hobbit (of course he's not a woman) and I have been doing just that and boy did it help. What we do is to eat our heart out in the mornings and noons so we could slow down in the evenings and just eat dipping food or some bread. Of course there's exceptions on certain days when we hang with friends in the evenings or attending dinners/parties but yeah, if we're home, we stick to our diet program. This way, neither of us will nag about who is going to do the cooking and dishes. Easy fixing works well with two! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharing is Love

We seriously need a bathroom fixture. One of our tap leaks and I suspect it's the water pressure or something. Anyway, while waiting for the world cup match tonight (The Netherlands vs. Uruguay), we decided to bake cupcakes for someone tonight. Although we have been baking brownies and cookies, this is actually our second time making cupcakes. I know how much Hobbit hates doing the dishes during this time. Utensils to be put away, washed and dried. As much as he does, I do too. Sometimes I feel that all I do is complain but I am the one who initiated the making. Arghh! Sometimes I hate how I like to do stuff but could hardly complete the whole process. Often times when complication hits, that's when I easily give up and roll the ball to Hobbit instead. He hates this but because he loves me *wink wink* I get to let go just like that! That is why in return, I love him! Great minds and team work are just perfect together, don't they? Will update this post with pictures when tomorrow when I'm not glued to my chair. Hmmph!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red Faux Pas Shoulder Bag

Red still catches me by surprise!!

I love this faux pas shoulder bag and it's only 250B!!! It has this vintage touch that I can't get my eyes off it!!!
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