Saturday, June 12, 2010

Potluck at G&G

It's home church today. No, not because of the World Cup...or maybe partly...counting in on how Hobbit and I transferred the telly from our living room into our bedroom. It's much more easier waking up to a remote control and 'peeeeep' on goes the WC match! All of a sudden our walls are also decorated with schedules and cut out flags! These pop displays really heats up the WC fever!

Okay, so we woke up late and that explains home church. I decided to be cincai with my dishes today. Cincai in Chinese/Malay means simple or more like being 'whateva' to fit the English slang. So I stir fried sayur manis (sweet vegetables) with mushroom sauce and made yam phla ka pong (sweet-sour macarel) to bring to potluck at G&G's place. Gwen's mom, uncle,aunt and a cousin are visiting and so explains the mini gathering. After lunch, the two kids Gwenneth and Glenson entertained us with their action songs that they were to present for children's choir concert. Everyone had a good laugh and hey, Glenson can be a good stage entertainer some day since he really pulled it all nicely! I gotta show you guys the video I took today. Anyway, everyone had to leave before 4 o'clock for practices and concert and all so the laughter and fellowship was good while it lasted.

Till my next entry...Another round of blowing to do. Puff...puff...puff! Oh, will miss Korea vs Greece today...:(

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