Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perth, WA #1

One thing my family and I love doing is travel. When I was younger, I hardly remember a year when we didn't travel to visit places be it locally or overseas. Yet the person who had traveled the most in my family is my dad. The only time he traveled less was when he and my mom started a supermarket business back home. After he retired, he started his own agricultural business that opened doors to meeting people from all over the world. When his friends visit our garden in Tambunan, they usually make him payback. Now at his 50+, he is more than eager to travel and see places with my mom. His recent trip was to Perth, WA. For this trip, he really wanted me to come.
Perth City taken from King's Park view point

I was torn between going or not since the dates that was booked for that trip didn't fall on a holiday. Yet dad kept insisting that Hobbit and I should go so we could spend family time together there. Okay, Hobbit and I discussed and I got to go and he had to stay (both of us need our pay ya know..).

Came April 27, 2010 and I found myself landing on several metal buildings (airports) before reaching my destination. I don't even want to get myself started with the flight, it was safe and sound all the way to Perth but I dislike the amount of time it took. It was enough to give me mild jet lag!

To be continued...

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