Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Cup Overflows...

I need Branson vacation right now. It's been a long day yesterday...A day everyone was counting on--payday. I have never been looking forward to pay day as much as I did yesterday. Yeah, last month was a pain, I didn't get enough due to a week pay without leave. I hate asking Hobbit for my expenses 'coz I make it a point that a spendthrift like me should only spend on the amount my own sweat've earned. So yeah, early Friday morning I turned on my laptop and settled all my bills before I again withdrew to pay some more bills at school. The moment everything was cleared, I was in a celebrating mode and that was just what I did with my bestie Nok after work! :)

Guess age is really taking its toll on us, Nok and I went to Platinum mall and some of you know how it is in there. Clothes, blings, bags, shoes...hues and hues of colors to feast our eye...Yet, we bought nothing for ourselves. I did buy something for someone but other than that, I hardly find anything I like!! To make ourselves feel better, we stopped by Paragon and hour of window shopping that equals to nothing. Well, we still had Chidlom in our list, I finally found fla ts that suits my purpose. The last before we end our day was Emporium and I bought another nice, comfy flats. I was finally satisfied. Two things that would probably be my biggest purchase for the whole month!

Sabbath came and we celebrated Fie's birthday at Dollie's room. My doses of laughter and friendship recharged to the max by the time we went home an hour before midnight. A long but definitely a good and satisfying day.

God is good all the time and all the time He is good, we say! :)

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