Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Buffet Spells Gain That Weight!

On May 24, 2010, an ex-classmate of mine challenged me to gain 5kg in exchanged of me asking him to quit smoking. I was at 41kg when this game started and today, 2 weeks after, I read the weighing scale and it shows 43kg. I thought Hobbit stuck gold coins to make it that figure but no. Great! Then reading on Bangkok Bargains, this month is buffet month! Totally a best time for me to put on that 2 more kgs that are missing! Let me list down some of the cheapest deals in town...

1. Baiyoke Sky
International buffet
390 baht

2. Amari Atrium – Cascade
International buffet lunch
June 5th onwards, Mon-Sat
250 baht net - first 10 guests of the day pay only 1 baht.

3. Silver Waves
All-you-can-eat dim sum lunch
June-July - Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Baht 590 baht, ‘come 2 pay 1’ promotion

I would love Baiyoke and Silver Waves' Dim Sum!!

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