Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Acupuncture & Chinese Medication

Hey, check out DuraMax Colossus Metal Storage Sheds 50231. I have no idea what it is but yeah, I checked it out. I woke up today trying to remember what my dream was all about and why I was such in a depressed mode. The acupuncture doctor told me that I tend to have a lot of dreams because I have problem with my blood circulation. Hmm..interesting to know. Anyway, I experienced being poke with 12 needles for the first time last Sunday from waist down to my toes. It was hell of an ouch ouch ouch in the room but that was it. Only the poking part and the taking off of the needles Hobbit heard my ouches! Other than that, it was actually one of the most pleasant experience. No blood involved in between poking and off.
Why acupuncture? Well, my family are freaks for Chinese traditional treatments and I am so very one of them. I haven't parted once from my Chinese herbal pills ever since I was young. Now, mom keeps sending herbal pills over and they are not cheap. One tiny little pill cost 25cents each I calculated. One solid reason is of course me being a sickly person. Virus and diseases love me to pieces and I have to admit that I ain't friendly with hospitals. When I ran out of those herbal pills, that's when I easily caught flu, cough and other sicknesses. Yet when I'm on the herbs, I am as fit as a butcher's dog. Like how my kinder students just pulled a long slimy, colorful jello out of his nose and came to kiss me next one day and I swore I would've gotten sick but I was fine the next day and the next and next. That's why I was advice by family to go for acupuncture this time since I could feel heat trying to escape from my head and shoulder. Not a good feeling!
Thus ladies and gentlemen, I have 10 more sessions to go. 10 MORE!!!! OUCH!!!
I somehow feel so accomplished today. I just watched Yasmin Ahmad's movie, an Indian movie (3 more ambiligete movies to go) and in between cooked for my coming home husband. Whew...
stir-fry sayur manis with lap chiong meat
Accomplished? Maybe not.

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