Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lazying Around

Tomorrow is my 5th acupuncture treatment. So far my temperature is close to stable compared to when I first went in for treatment. The fourth time I went, the doctor did two rounds of needles and 20 minutes of cuppings which obviously made a big difference on my body! I love cuppings. Ahh...Can't wait to go again tomorrow. I call it my zen moments. Love the treat!! Oh, and Hobbit couldn't wait too! Keeps talking about it night and day. :) Okay, I think I'm distracted. I'm blogging from Dollie's room and the diva is lying on my lap!! Time for xbox 360!!

My Cup Overflows...

I need Branson vacation right now. It's been a long day yesterday...A day everyone was counting on--payday. I have never been looking forward to pay day as much as I did yesterday. Yeah, last month was a pain, I didn't get enough due to a week pay without leave. I hate asking Hobbit for my expenses 'coz I make it a point that a spendthrift like me should only spend on the amount my own sweat've earned. So yeah, early Friday morning I turned on my laptop and settled all my bills before I again withdrew to pay some more bills at school. The moment everything was cleared, I was in a celebrating mode and that was just what I did with my bestie Nok after work! :)

Guess age is really taking its toll on us, Nok and I went to Platinum mall and some of you know how it is in there. Clothes, blings, bags, shoes...hues and hues of colors to feast our eye...Yet, we bought nothing for ourselves. I did buy something for someone but other than that, I hardly find anything I like!! To make ourselves feel better, we stopped by Paragon and hour of window shopping that equals to nothing. Well, we still had Chidlom in our list, I finally found fla ts that suits my purpose. The last before we end our day was Emporium and I bought another nice, comfy flats. I was finally satisfied. Two things that would probably be my biggest purchase for the whole month!

Sabbath came and we celebrated Fie's birthday at Dollie's room. My doses of laughter and friendship recharged to the max by the time we went home an hour before midnight. A long but definitely a good and satisfying day.

God is good all the time and all the time He is good, we say! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Acupuncture & Chinese Medication

Hey, check out DuraMax Colossus Metal Storage Sheds 50231. I have no idea what it is but yeah, I checked it out. I woke up today trying to remember what my dream was all about and why I was such in a depressed mode. The acupuncture doctor told me that I tend to have a lot of dreams because I have problem with my blood circulation. Hmm..interesting to know. Anyway, I experienced being poke with 12 needles for the first time last Sunday from waist down to my toes. It was hell of an ouch ouch ouch in the room but that was it. Only the poking part and the taking off of the needles Hobbit heard my ouches! Other than that, it was actually one of the most pleasant experience. No blood involved in between poking and off.
Why acupuncture? Well, my family are freaks for Chinese traditional treatments and I am so very one of them. I haven't parted once from my Chinese herbal pills ever since I was young. Now, mom keeps sending herbal pills over and they are not cheap. One tiny little pill cost 25cents each I calculated. One solid reason is of course me being a sickly person. Virus and diseases love me to pieces and I have to admit that I ain't friendly with hospitals. When I ran out of those herbal pills, that's when I easily caught flu, cough and other sicknesses. Yet when I'm on the herbs, I am as fit as a butcher's dog. Like how my kinder students just pulled a long slimy, colorful jello out of his nose and came to kiss me next one day and I swore I would've gotten sick but I was fine the next day and the next and next. That's why I was advice by family to go for acupuncture this time since I could feel heat trying to escape from my head and shoulder. Not a good feeling!
Thus ladies and gentlemen, I have 10 more sessions to go. 10 MORE!!!! OUCH!!!
I somehow feel so accomplished today. I just watched Yasmin Ahmad's movie, an Indian movie (3 more ambiligete movies to go) and in between cooked for my coming home husband. Whew...
stir-fry sayur manis with lap chiong meat
Accomplished? Maybe not.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Potluck at G&G

It's home church today. No, not because of the World Cup...or maybe partly...counting in on how Hobbit and I transferred the telly from our living room into our bedroom. It's much more easier waking up to a remote control and 'peeeeep' on goes the WC match! All of a sudden our walls are also decorated with schedules and cut out flags! These pop displays really heats up the WC fever!

Okay, so we woke up late and that explains home church. I decided to be cincai with my dishes today. Cincai in Chinese/Malay means simple or more like being 'whateva' to fit the English slang. So I stir fried sayur manis (sweet vegetables) with mushroom sauce and made yam phla ka pong (sweet-sour macarel) to bring to potluck at G&G's place. Gwen's mom, uncle,aunt and a cousin are visiting and so explains the mini gathering. After lunch, the two kids Gwenneth and Glenson entertained us with their action songs that they were to present for children's choir concert. Everyone had a good laugh and hey, Glenson can be a good stage entertainer some day since he really pulled it all nicely! I gotta show you guys the video I took today. Anyway, everyone had to leave before 4 o'clock for practices and concert and all so the laughter and fellowship was good while it lasted.

Till my next entry...Another round of blowing to do. Puff...puff...puff! Oh, will miss Korea vs Greece today...:(

Friday, June 11, 2010

Asia International Guitar Festival 2010

Dear Guitar Aficionados,

My read brings good news to you. There will be a guitar festival and competition held at Siam City Hotel, Bangkok starting from June 17 to June 20. This is not the first time but fourth and I am sure this will be an even better, vibrant event for you and other music lovers.

There will be many special invited guests such as Jorge Luis Zamora(Cuba/Costa Rica), Flavio Cucchi (Italy), Yuichi Imai (Japan), Young Seo (Korea), Thailand's own well-knowns, Ekachai Jeerakul, Wiroon Song-Bundit, Raks Chingsakol, Woratep Rattana-umpawan, Vithaya Vosbein and Santi Kaeojai, to name a few will be at this event. The program will be as follows:

17.June 2010
09.30 Masterclass: Jorge Luis Zamora
14.00 Masterclass: Flavio Cucchi
16.00 Afternoon Concert: Gen Matsuda (Japan)
(winner of the Asia and Tokio Int. Guitar Competition 2009)

20.00 “Fiesta Latina”
(Anniversary Celebration Concert)

with Flavio Cucchi, Paul Cesarczyk. Jorge Luis Zamora,
Woratep Rattana-umpawanl, Santi Kaeojai, Leon Koudelak and others

18.June 2010
09.30 Masterclass: Jorge Luis Zamora
13.00 Competition 1st Round
20.00 Concert: Tomonori Arai (Japan)

19.June 2010
09.30 Masterclass: Tomonori Arai
13.00 Junior Competition
16.00 Afternoon Concert: Ekachai Jearakul (Thailand)
(winner of the Berlin and Singapore Int. Guitar Competition 2008)

20.00 Concert : Roman Viazovskiy (Ukraine/Germany)

20.June 2010
09.30 Masterclass: Roman Viazovskiy
14.00 Competition Final
20.00 Concert : Jorge Luis Zamora (Cuba/Costa Rica)

Artistic Direction and Organisation:
Leon Koudelak and Woratep Rattana-umpawan

All activities (Concerts, Masterclasses, Competition and exhibition at the Siam City Hotel, Bangkok).

Ticket Price
Concert: Bht. 600 for adults and Bht. 400 for students (inclusive of
coffee break)
Audience for Competition: Bht. 200
Observer for Master Class: Bht. 200
Competitor: Bht. 2,000
Junior Competitor : Bht. 1,000

For more information, go to Thailand Guitar Society's website. Hope you don't miss this opportunity! I am really sure Hobbit will be interested in this one! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Buffet Spells Gain That Weight!

On May 24, 2010, an ex-classmate of mine challenged me to gain 5kg in exchanged of me asking him to quit smoking. I was at 41kg when this game started and today, 2 weeks after, I read the weighing scale and it shows 43kg. I thought Hobbit stuck gold coins to make it that figure but no. Great! Then reading on Bangkok Bargains, this month is buffet month! Totally a best time for me to put on that 2 more kgs that are missing! Let me list down some of the cheapest deals in town...

1. Baiyoke Sky
International buffet
390 baht

2. Amari Atrium – Cascade
International buffet lunch
June 5th onwards, Mon-Sat
250 baht net - first 10 guests of the day pay only 1 baht.

3. Silver Waves
All-you-can-eat dim sum lunch
June-July - Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Baht 590 baht, ‘come 2 pay 1’ promotion

I would love Baiyoke and Silver Waves' Dim Sum!!

What to Wear on a Summer Wedding

I was frantic thinking of what to wear to a friend's wedding this morning. Hobbit and I woke up and the first thing we ran to was the gift sitting nicely on the diner's table unwrapped. I was done with that and looked at myself at the mirror wondering what I should do with my flat, unkempt hair. No dress in mind, no desired hairstyle and no preferences for anything that spelled wedding. I officially blame my last-minute-brain who supposed to do those thinking for me the night before. Oh ya, I was a puffer fish my music teacher made me last night! One hour of non-stop lesson and my mouth were numb from all the blowing! Anyways, I came across this tips on what to wear on a summer wedding. Not that I needed them but ah I think I need to be put up with some guidelines...

- Wear summer colors like turquoise, melon, strawberry, and kelly green
- Wear cute pumps and/or sandals for an inside wedding/reception
- Wear black to an evening wedding
- Wear something sexy- but tasteful (hope thermogenic fat burners works on me!)
- Wear a linen pants suit
- Wear a cool straw hat

- Wear white, unless the bride requests it. People will talk about you (and not in a good way)
- Wear black to an afternoon/morning wedding. Pick something colorful
- Wear heels for an outside wedding/reception (your heel with get stuck in the grass)
- Wear ultra low cut dresses, short-short dresses, shorts. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you in it, then don’t wear it.

Downhere - A Better Way

I mentioned about Downhere in my previous post. This is the song that is playing on the background at the moment. Well, it might be changed after a week or so but the point is, read through the lyrics and feel the tickle of how much God loves you and I. While I am sitting here resisting herbal phentermine, lemme get some tickle once again! :)

From the album Wide Eyed and Mystified

I'm not alone, I really believe
You never go, You never leave
Here and now, You always stay
“I love you” could not be said a better way

It's everything You've promised
There's no greater love than this
From prophets until today
A man laying down His life for His friends
Your sacrifice has spoken, You gave everything
And “I love you” could not be said
A better way

I am forgiven, I clearly see
It's why You came to do all you did for me
Trading earth with heaven, You took my place
“I love you” could not be said
A better way

Because You redeem, I know what's to come
Everything I could lose here, You've already won
So You have my surrender, with passion obey
“I love you” could not be said
A better way

Adam = Eve

Eve was not taken out of Adam's head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him.
~Matthew Henry~

The Imposter

After watching The Imposter, a Christian movie starred by Christian singers Kevin Max of dc Talk including Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of SonicFlood, I began to love Downhere's songs. The story is about Christian rock's hottest band and that Grand design is heading to the top. Unfortunately the lead singer Johnny C is heading straight down. His wife and band mates find out that after singing about Jesus at concerts, he's living for himself off the stage. Losing his family and fame sends him on a downward spiral. When all the apidexin reviews glitters and fame are taken away, Johnny C begins to travel back home to find out whether his marriage can be mend together or not. Through all the mentoring along the way, will he turn his life around and follow the One? Well, the movie has awesome music and message if you haven't watch it. My favorites are from the Christian band Downhere.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perth with Jr Munior

The picture above shows my cousin JrMr and I at 5am in the morning in his room. We were about to go to the airport. Look at my puffy eyes, I think I only slept for 3 hours or less while Munior, was watching soccer so he didn't get to sleep?? I think that's what he told me haha! All I knew before the drowsiness was that the weather was cold and I crashed on Jr's single bed without even asking "may I" and hugged myself tight to bed. Next thing, JrMr was calling me to get up! We then drove to the airport to meet my parents and brother.
After picking me up from the airport on my arrival night, JrMr took me to Burswood Entertainment Complex. The amateur us lose and gained under affordable insurance enough said. I like the winning figure of $80+ Australian dollars. After the win, JrMr took me to King's Park in the middle of the night, oh midnight actually. Didn't get to see much since the fire and lights were turned off except the street lights. Yet, I got to see the color of Perth at night. It's painted in hues of orange, red, blue, purple, grey and green. In one word ~ magnificent! He also drove me through the city and his university which was nice. At least I got to see the ghost city of Perth at midnight before we drove home. Hey you...thanx for the ride!! :)

More to come...

Perth, WA #1

One thing my family and I love doing is travel. When I was younger, I hardly remember a year when we didn't travel to visit places be it locally or overseas. Yet the person who had traveled the most in my family is my dad. The only time he traveled less was when he and my mom started a supermarket business back home. After he retired, he started his own agricultural business that opened doors to meeting people from all over the world. When his friends visit our garden in Tambunan, they usually make him payback. Now at his 50+, he is more than eager to travel and see places with my mom. His recent trip was to Perth, WA. For this trip, he really wanted me to come.
Perth City taken from King's Park view point

I was torn between going or not since the dates that was booked for that trip didn't fall on a holiday. Yet dad kept insisting that Hobbit and I should go so we could spend family time together there. Okay, Hobbit and I discussed and I got to go and he had to stay (both of us need our pay ya know..).

Came April 27, 2010 and I found myself landing on several metal buildings (airports) before reaching my destination. I don't even want to get myself started with the flight, it was safe and sound all the way to Perth but I dislike the amount of time it took. It was enough to give me mild jet lag!

To be continued...

Everything Tuxedo

I love helping men choose their tuxedos be it for a party, for formal occasions or a wedding. One of my guy friends needed help to choose a tuxedo for his graduation day and he gave me several pictures to choose from to which I did and chose two from the 5 choices. He said he was about to choose the same ones but he could only tailor make one due to the short notice on the tailor's side. Anyway, when browsing tuxedos for men, I also stumbled some really nice looking tuxedo shirts and halter tops for women too! Below are the styles I would go for...
courtesy of
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