Monday, May 31, 2010

Twinhead, My Queen Isabella de Castile

The time I noticed Dollie was hunting for a new laptop, I quickly buzzed her in skype to ask about the FB "rumor." It turned out that she was getting a new laptop and I... happened to be hunting for one.

Yeah, the truth is my Twinhead has stuck with me for almost 4 years and I thought it is time that she breakdown needed a break. She was a tough cookie. Credit goes to the one who raised her to tough it out! Yet, she suffered acute neurologic injuries during her middle age and slowly the condition led to metabolic abnormalities.

As severe as it may sound, she was only hospitalized once, recuperated and was all well again for several months until she contracted prolong fever that I could barely lay my wrist on her without a towel lay in between us. It was and still is a sad thing for both of us but eventually we both learned to live with it. Then came the time when her immune system failed. I tried to boost back by giving her intramuscular injection but it didn't help much as she continues to be susceptible to other infections.
Ah, my heart grew weary and thought, maybe it is really time to let go. As the thought sunk into me, I started to cherish my time whenever I am with Twinhead. It is like we both know that the time for her to be "released" (read The Giver to understand this) is soon. So soon that lately she has been giving me countless weird signs as if she approved of my thought of getting a new replacement. Dilemma spells all over my head right now and seriously I still don't have a specific prospective in mind. I did thought of the community's big rival--MAC but nah, maybe not until I erase all the don'ts I have been fed with.
So here's Dollie making a purchase and I stood behind the camera--jealous! Well, I was not the only one, Nok was jealous too, haha! It could be hunger that shoved us to envy but thank goodness the lovely food at Kobune managed to tone those feelings down. Fortune Tower is quite a good place to go for a change. The outdoor furniture they had on I don't know what floor it was, seemed to be classic! Hobbit and I should definitely visit again and this time, for camera accessories!


Deanna Beryl said...

I love getting new techno stuff,hihi! Yes I agree - you need to get a new spanking laptop! :) We'll always remember how Twinhead brought you through those horrendous assignments, hihi :)

Hobbit Wife said...

What's the latest techno stuff you got Dee? :) Yup, it had gone a long way, all the assignments included. Hope the replacement can last as long as her! :)

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