Sunday, May 16, 2010

Memories Linger

"I am looking for a good wrinkle remover!" A sentence I can't believe came from me to an ex-classmate. Reminiscing our younger days made both of us felt like 15 again and as if there wasn't any gaps in between now and then.

We found ourselves finding each other in St. Martin (one of my former high school) again busy with projects and assignments that needed to be submitted the next day. The back then shy me replayed and I was walking along the Tingkatan 3 walkway and Marcelinus, a great admirer of mine, dashed like hurricane standing by the door, whistling and calling my name repeatedly as I quickly find my way to the restroom which was behind the building. All of a sudden I found myself sitting in Cikgu Larry's class for Geography and he was handing back our notebook. As he called my name, he immediately wore a smile saying "Cik Amy, amoi kelas 3 kuning, sila ambil buku anda!" The class was filled with laughter as I slowly walked towards the teacher's desk and in silent-anger took my book and sat down.

Someone was watching all this and I just knew last week that this particular ex-classmate of mine has his own similar replay that totally has me in it. I was glad he walked me through the replay himself and it was much better than mine. Thank God for Facebook on this one. :)

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