Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fingers, Get Workin!

The on and off holidays have trained me to detached myself from the computer and at the same time flashed away my mood of blogging. Honestly I don't feel like updating my blog today but my assignments are piling up and quite a number has the due date spelled today thus left me no choice but to blog and ramble.

I woke up finding myself in the living room this morning heh! We are at Muak Lek, far away from the war zone Bangkok. We had our Malaysian Graduation Potluck, sort of a tradition every graduation day we Malaysians here do for those who are graduating and the highlight is usually the king of fruit --Durians. It's quite not like it without Dr. Chew around this time. Usually he will be friends with those prickly durians, open and shove it to our plates. This time around it was more of a "self-service".

I no no one except two among those Malaysians who are marching for their diploma this morning. So Hobbit and I are quite apidexin lazy to attend today's program. We are planning to leave for Bangkok at 10am in hope that everything will be smooth. Ahh, Bangkok is a ghost city at the moment. We need prayers, thanks.

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