Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bangkok at Boiling Point

Twitter is obviously the fastest way to get updates on what is going on in Bangkok right now. Danger zones have expanded and the number of injured and death is still rising like cupcakes. Many left to a question, when will this come to an end? In my opinion, if the situation was tackled properly by the government the past two months, none of these would happen. I even wonder if school would be open tomorrow but what is clear is that we had too much of a holiday that we really couldn't afford even one anymore. In three weeks time the school year would come to an end, I need to have all my classes so I could fully equip my students for their final exams. If school is going to be closed, what a bummer! Yet it gives me time to do some fat burner reviews, markings and other stuff I needed to catch up badly!

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