Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meaningful Connection

I'm trying to pick up from where I last left. Life has been a bowl of potpourri, fervid yet good. Two Sabbaths ago, Hobbit and I enjoyed visiting a friend and her family. We went picnic at Symbol LS2208 King's park in the evening and got ourselves into deep conversations that we totally forgot about time and had the guards blew his whistle at us to leave the place. The conversation that we had was an eye opener for me and I could say it made a big difference in some aspects of my life today. Makes me think, we often meet people from different walks of life, what brought us together? Was it work? school? similarities? coincidence? Well, Hobbit and I got connected to this lady in a totally different angle all over again given the fact that we knew each other before. Two different introduction altogether and Hobbit and I are really glad that God had let our path cross for reasons He only knows.
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