Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dark Saturday

I woke up at 5:30am this morning since I went to bed extra early the night before. I felt my jaw started to hurt and I thought I am in for some more pain killers but before that I had to eat. So I woke Hobbit up and thankfully he said he had prepared food for me since last night and when breakfast came, it was extra special. Hmm...I forgot what day was today. 5:30am and thinking...Ahh! Someone has a birthday! So I ate a whole piece of salmon cut teriyaki style with some yummy garlic bread.

While munching, I turned on my turned to tweeter to get updates on the overnight clash of the red shirts vs. army soldiers. 11 people reported dead and later the number came up to 18 and the numbers included 4 soldiers, a Japanese journalist and the red shirts. Apart from this, more than 800 people were injured. For a second I thought, what a deja-vu. Last year on my birthday, it was all about clash between the yellow shirts and the armies. What is to look forward of Thailand on my next coming birthday??
picture courtesy of The Reuters
Hiro Muramoto, a 43-year-old Japanese, was pulse-less when they took him to Klang Hospital after he got shot in the chest. He had worked for Reuters in Tokyo for more than 15 years. He left behind a wife and two children.

How sad. Being a journalist is one tough job. I thought of this career once but thinking that I can hardly survive in dangerous zones, a teacher is sufficient since our safety at work is almost as important as the students. If danger strikes, no school! :)

I hope the last night's massacre ends there because the city is literally crippled by the political situation here right now. And please make the shopping malls alive once again. Let's check auto insurance quotes. I really need to go shopping! :)


Anonymous said...

First of all, happy late birthday, and second of all, I am very sorry this happen on your birthday. I hope peace will be to come in Thailand very soon. Let's pray for peace . . .

Hobbit Wife said...

Thank you Anonymous. I hope things can be resolved soon and peace will be restored in this country. :)

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