Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth

It was a year ago that the doctor asked me to take out my lower right wisdom tooth because it was greatly affecting tooth 47 which is next to it. I had one taken off 5 years ago and I didn't want to experience the same thing yet again. Not too soon, it is not affecting me anyway, so I thought.

Two weeks ago, on Thursday, I went back to the same jovial doctor, Dr. Anucha. He is such a nice, polite doctor. I came and wanted to fix some broken fillings. He went through my fillings and managed to fix one of the broken one but couldn't fix tooth 47. Reason given was my wisdom. This time he got serious and meant it that the following Thursday I come for extraction. He prepared me for the worst. Telling my other friends about the many butterflies in my stomach, they prepared me for the worst too! I thought the last time I did mine it wasn't too bad but those who went through the same thing, related painful experiences.

Thursday April 08, 2010 came. I kept myself busy in school and tried to complete as much as I could. None of my future looked beyond today because whenever 3pm (my appointment time) stroke in mind, I just couldn't imagine my suffering after the process.

At 2:30pm, I rushed and ate my lunch-dinner. Then quickly took a taxi to the dental clinic. Without wasting any time, I sat on the dental chair, and the process began. First it was the injection, spitting on the stone sink, then everything went numb on my right cheek. Soon it was drill, pull, drill, pull and more drilling and pulling. The last process was stitching. I let my mind focus on prayers the first 2 hours and when the process was unbearable, my whole body shook in pain. I was moving a lot. Finally after 3 hours and 15 minutes, it all came to an end. Just like my night mares were over at last. Not yet.

The doctor explained that he had a hard time extracting my tooth. Since my wisdom tooth was growing sideways, burried inside the flesh, and the roots sitting close to my jaw, he had to break the tooth into four parts which explained the countless drilling and pulling. I paid for my fees and meds for 4400B, got advice on the dos and don'ts, and left for home.

As soon as the anesthetic was gone, I felt the pain and it was horrible that I cried till the pain killer pills started to work. Surprisingly the next day, I was all well and eating. Even had a feast at the airport when we sent Chervie off and meet Clare! The doctor called to see how I was doing, I was impressed. Never had a dentist called to see how I am doing, one rare doctor indeed! :)

God answered our prayers. I was well off too soon that none of those who went through the pain could imagine how. :)

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