Monday, April 26, 2010

Cutest Patchwork Volkswagen Beetle

I was browsing through fashionation blog and came across this cutest-looking ever Volkswagen Beetle. Thanks for sharing Stephie. You don't know how much my eyes lighted up when I saw this post! According to her, this Volkswagen Beetle is covered entirely in a patchwork of handmade vintage fabric from the Middle East. It is part of the Milan Design Week 2010 exhibitions.*_*
As much as I love patchwork stuff regardless of what, I have never come across a patchwork car! I am gonna put this on my wish list that buy a vintage British Leyland Mini 1000 (Mr. Bean's car) and cover it with patchwork something like this Volkswagen Beetle! It would be awesome, if this dream comes true!!! ^_*


trainer, crafter, kristin said...

That Beetle is awesome. I love the fabrics. Have you seen this? A Bus Cozy! Now that takes some serious devotion to your craft.

Thanks for blogging!

Hobbit Wife said...

Thank you! That's a cool cozy bus!! :)

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