Monday, April 26, 2010

City Disrupted

It has been a week now and Central World is still closed. One thing I really need from that place right now is my usual acne face wash and that is the only place I could get them. I wonder how is the situation today. It has almost been a month long that the reds are gathered around Radjaprasong Intersection and it has really affected businesses around that area. Just last week I went crazy looking for money changer. There is no place like what we call "the black market" in Pratunam where the rate offered is always better than anywhere else in Bangkok. Since the place is not accessible, I had to literally stop on several BTS station to get change since most of them don't sell foreign money except buying. Thank God for one money changer at the ground floor in MBK. They had just enough currency for me to exchange with Baht and even this place has limited foreign currency! Gah!

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