Thursday, March 25, 2010

TIS #1

First day of Teacher's In Service workshop/training today. This time the school has decided to do it differently. What is good about it is that we actually get to choose what workshops we want to attend for the day. Kinda like EARCOS in a way. There were 6 workshops offered today and you could choose 1 from every session. The first session was fine. I learned a lot about lesson planning. The speaker known as Bro. Ben (forgot his full name) is an experienced teacher. He seemed to be pulling out most of his experiences from his storage box as to illustrate what he is trying to say. Less boring although I expected it to be a more engaging workshop. Yeah. Guess what? The second workshop was top notch of the day! Bro. Robert made me wonder if I was suppose to be an actress in this present life. We indeed had a great time despitehealth insurance in NC! After lunch, I attended Dr. Olga's workshop. She has her own way to engage the teachers and it wasn't as bad as what some people predicted it to be! :)

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