Friday, March 5, 2010

This is Why - Hua Hin #2

Home is a different story all over. Of course I get Hobbit to shower me with lots of royalty treats but I have my one love that is hard to part with, even for a day--My Hobbies. Music instruments I hardly find time fondling, sewing machine that currently has more charisma compared to work, blanket that yearns to be knit, kitchen that welcomes new recipes, art projects that are doing dust collector's job, a lonely husband who's shoved to stare at his monitor...

I badly needed a vacation.

Day two and woke up only to miss the sunrise at Hua Hin beach. We had a very late breakfast and called up Kuang to pick us up to somewhere yen=cool. She took us to a shopping mall which is not very far from where we stayed. Lots of cloth brands on sale that Hobbit and I bought a shirt and a blouse! We strolled and saw this cute make-up shop with videos of Michelle Phan on screen. Wow, she is that popular! I like the cute kiosk, lots of cute Korean products selling for a decent price. Yet, I was on a budget and I have to remember that. But girls will always be girls...I bought a nude rouge shimmer lipstick. Love the color! We went on to try Italian gelatos where I picked pistachio flavor and Hobbit got Vanilla Chocolate. Yummy but the cone tasted weird that I wanted to throw up!
Joy arrived and we took a long, hot walk along the beach towards the main city. The sun was super crazy! Both Joy and I had a terrible burnt due to heavy walking alone! Along the tourist police station, we bought our sun hats and wore it through out! We had our lunch at a nice soi next to a cheap insurance company. and left for Plearnwan. Actually, there is nothing to rage about this place. To me, it's just for the pictures and yeah, a place to splurge money. The entrance was free though and we went around to look at things. They have unique stuff that impressed me but that was it. A bit overly done if I may add.
The breeze was nice when we left Plearnwan to Lotus. We knew we would be hungry while swimming, so we went for Lotus food. Got buns and nuts and hey, I got edamames! By this time, I felt so sleepy and as soon as I reached our room, we napped a little. It was sufficient to give us energy running and screaming in the beach. Wah, so much energy! I could still feel the warmness of the sea water and hear the rhythm of the sea. I felt like a little girl again, chasing crabs and picking seashells...
That point was another 'feel good' moment and it took away my second reason as to why I badly needed a vacation. I am reminded that I am blessed every single day and I thank He who makes all things beautiful.

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