Friday, March 5, 2010

This is Why - Hua Hin #1

The dread symptoms started somewhere in February when my work got piled up fast and I had to bring work home just because I had to catch up with deadlines. Reaching home after work, ask anyone and who is willing to glance at work when all the comforts of home surrounds you? None would and I, with or with no choice am not willing to do bring 'overtime' home. Yet, so many things needed to be done. Being the only teacher with no assistance, no student work-aid, no nothing...all brought to focus on the sole one - I. Me. Cuttings for each of the hundred students in kinder, markings for the 55+ students in G1, 60+ students in G2, G3, G4, rubicon...Aaaarrggh! My head was always spinning in class and my temper shortened day to day.

I badly needed a vacation.

Out of nowhere, Hobbit and I reached Hua Hin safe, sound, and intact. The four hour safari expedition that we had to go through (not forgetting the bizzare smell and the bus driver's cigar)...was nothing but 'fun' and 'enjoyable'. Lucky me to forget my custom travel mugs. Yes, no more Sai-Tai-Mai-Yellow-Sign-Board-150B-Orange-Look-Toong-Bus experience to Hua Hin unless there is no other option. Darn 6am sleepy head!!
According to most hotel websites, a long weekend deal is suppose to be a little more on the pocket and rooms are known to be FULLED. We took our chances and checked in to a nice, perfect room with perfect access to the beach. Good nap, long stroll, beach, breeze, sand, night market, meal, concert and a good night...
All those things took away the first reason why I needed a vacation. God is good and all the time He is good.:)

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