Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tees to Grocery Bag

How cool is it to have your favorite tees turn into your favorite grocery bag? I am thinking of cerise pink... and it would be the perfect color for me on a modified, chic-looking grocery bag that looks like this:
My eczema! All you need is an old T-shirt (I have my cerise pink night blouse =), scissors, matching thread, a button, a piece of ribbon and your own/borrowed sewing machine. You just need to follow the instructions that is provided by the creator, Between the lines, and I guess you could dash off the house door and go shopping in no time. Just amazing isn't?
One thing about me is that I hate the sound of plastic bags. I just hate it especially the hard ones that once tickled,everyone knows you're with a plastic bag or just came back from a shopping spree or something. I much prefer paper bags or just shove the things inside the cart as soon as the receipt is given and push them to the car. Much easier, less hassle on the cashier and I could be one environmentalist who is conscious enough to care so much about the issues of plastic BAGS!

p/s: Ohh...While you're at your finishing cut, remember the cute optional pouch. It is cute. :)

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