Friday, March 26, 2010

Teachers also Thirst for Inspirations & Motivations

picture: Courtesy of Damien Sim
As soon as the Teacher's In Service ended today, I felt like a fresh graduate who is eager to step into the world with a baggage full of knowledge, all ready to embark a whole new challenge in the education field with a motto in mind-- To Make A Difference.

Yes, I am THAT inspired and motivated all over again. Imagine if this kind of feeling happens everyday? I would have not a single complain all throughout my teaching career!
Color pencil wheel by Damien Sim
Sad thing is, these kind of feeling is usually short lived. When reality hits hard, giving up and quitting is always in the option list no matter how we try to tell ourselves to stay optimistic. Sometimes we are even too occupied with work that we often forget to inspire and be inspired. Then we get too burned out that we neglect fun in the classroom but to finish what our job dictates us to. Students felt the "instant life insurance quote"tension and we totally lost them...

The keynote speaker today was excellent! In fact, all the speakers for TIS this year were great. All of them came from well rounded background in education and wine-old experiences in the filed. Some of them have even conducted several sessions in past EARCOS and knew very well how to bring EARCOS traditions into our TIS sessions. I could say that everyone is more than satisfied. Of course some areas need rooms for improvement yet I am sure by organizing such training every year, in no time will the school have more empowered teachers who are more than willing to contribute to not only the future generation but also ready to serve and support the school for the rest of their life. I liked the idea of inviting teachers and professionals from other schools to join us. This way, information and ideas are not pinned from inside the school gate alone but well shared with them of the same interest.

Today, I just got inspired and motivated.

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