Friday, March 12, 2010

Rally Friday Holiday

Red shirts are out to overturn the government again. Another rally in Bangkok and today was declared a holiday for most of the schools here. The news I heard this afternoon said that even government and some private workers get a day off today for safety purposes because the red shirts seemed to be everywhere on the road today. Many spotted them on buses, trucks and vans. Most of them were seen getting to their rally points so nothing major happened today. The Thai news said that the government might have frightened us a bit but the red shirts shown on TV really meant no harm as they were marching along Samut Prakan's street today. Whatever it is, we will find out more this weekend. I pray that there would not be any violence and hopefully no one gets hurt. Cyber Monday is in my wish list but I am not hopping too much since it is exam week for most of my students!

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