Monday, March 1, 2010

Hua Hin Hua Hin

Hobbit and I just spent our long weekend at Hua Hin, Thailand. It is such a beautiful place if you know where to go and what to do. Right now I am thankful that we came home safely and everything went smoothly as planned. The Lord is good. I enjoyed the sea so much that I wanted to prolong my holiday yet I know it is not possible. Anyway, I have problem combing my hair right now because I forgot to bring my hair conditioner to Hua Hin. I guess it is also because of the hard water I took shower with there. My feet hurts from walking too much on thick sand and in the water. Hobbit and I also got a nice tan and both of us could hardly recognized ourselves in front of the mirror. Nevertheless, it was all worth it and no regrets for going. I even forgot that I have a phosphacore review coming up. Okay peeps, I will probably blog about Hua Hin a little bit later when I get all the pictures into my laptop. Happy εδΊ”ζš aka. Chap Goh Meh yesterday! :)

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